Owner, Tattooist, Piercer, Laser Tattoo Specialist, Web Developer for Mountainside Tattoo and Piercing. I was born in Holyoke MA in 1971 and raised in Chicopee, MA I started tattooing friends about the age of 14 or 15 with a needle thread and a small bottle of India Ink.

I eventually moved to Niagara Falls, NY after getting a taste for tattooing and wanting to learn it professionally so I started apprenticing at Head's Tattooing in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I then opened my first shop in Niagara Falls NY and named it Tattoo Voodoo it was located at 918 Niagara Ave. Niagara Falls, NY I outgrew that so I expanded to a larger location on Pine and 15th.

A few years later I moved back to Massachusetts were tattooing was finally legal and I opened Skin Dreamz Tattooz in South Hadley Falls, MA. In 2006 I opened Mountainside Tattoo in Bellows Falls, VT

Alexander Lawrence is also Laser Certified and offers complete tattoo removals, or lightening up of old tattoos to prepare for an easier cover up process.